Healing Multiple Chemical Sensitivity – My Book

Book Title: Healing Severe Chemical and EMF Sensitivity-“Our Breakthrough Cure for Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) and Electro-Hypersensitivity (EHS)” https://www.createspace.com/3716365

Hi. You are most likely visiting here because either you or somone you know is dealing with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) , or ‘EMF Sensitivity’-sometimes called Electro-Hypersensitivity (EHS), or, maybe both at the same time which is what my wife experienced. Our goal is to offer you sincere hope that this condition can be healed and to tell you about the amazing things we learned that enabled us to accomplish that for her.

My wife’s sensitivities were so severe she was not able to leave the house for months, and extreme measures had to be taken in the house to accomodate her illness. We were not even sure we could remain in a house that used any electricity at all, let alone not having any strong chemicals.

She faced tremendous anxieties about what her life was becoming. She experienced severe weight loss, major insomia,  and relentless heart palpitations.

I knew that even mild MCS is a challenge to resolve with even the best alternative methods, so this became a feverish paced search to find what would cure this for her. Her condition was deterioating rapidly. We tried over 35 different modalities/methods within about four or five months  and in the process did find the sessential treatment protocols that anyone can replicate. Remarkably, she was able to resumes normal life activities within about 5 months and even return to work at her office in about 9 months time, fully healed of all symptoms. That was in August 2011.

I was moved to write a book to share what we learned and how she healed  so dramatically well, so that others might benefit and avoid having to do all the experimenting and research.  It can save you thousands of dollars too. We are so sorry for anyone sufferring like she did. Keep the faith-you can get well! The book is available on Amazon or through the link below.

TITLE: Healing Severe Chemical and EMF Sensitivity by Gary Patera

Here is a  link: https://www.createspace.com/3716365

I’ll be posting various tips as we go along. This is my first experience with blogging, so it will take a while to get things functioning smoothly. Please check back on occassion. Take care and be well !!!


23 thoughts on “Healing Multiple Chemical Sensitivity – My Book

  1. Hi, I’m do glad your wife got better! I’m in a very dangerous spot in my life. I am sensitive to all medications and now supplements. Not to mention all chemicals and perfumes plus most foods. Im so afraid because I have to take I-arginine supplement to slow my heart rate down because I developed POTS Syndrome. I have become sensitive to my supplement and I don’t know what I’m going to do. I’m so scared. We are also broke from seeing holistic doctors over the last 5 years. I have 3 kids and I’m afraid I’m going to die if I can’t take my heart pills. Please let me know what helped your wife. Thank you, Sherri

    • Dear Sheri,
      Please know that I am not a medical professional and must tell you nothing I say is to be considered medical advice. I have more i will share tomorrow, but I can tell you that Craniosacral Therapy was a big part of my wife’s healing. I hope you will read this article below and consider these treatments. A therapist can be located oat www. upledger.com.


      Autonomic Nervous System Dysfunction
      By Tad Wanveer, LMT, CST-D; guest author for John Upledger, DO, OMM
      Editor’s note: Tad Wanveer, author of this month’s “CranioSacrally Speaking” column, has been the guest author for several previous “CranioSacrally Speaking” columns.
      Dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) may be central to impairing the quality of one’s life and contributing to severe illness.
      CranioSacral Therapy (CST) has been shown to balance and correct dysfunctions of the ANS through gentle manual techniques.
      The nervous system can be simplified into five basic branches dedicated to sensory processing, muscle planning and activity, memory processing, emotional processing and basic survival. The ANS is a component of the basic survival branch. It controls the body’s vital functions, working to maintain homeostasis (a steady internal state) and optimal conditions for cell and tissue function. The ANS has two divisions, each having motor and sensory components: sympathetic division (known as fight/flight/freeze) and parasympathetic division (known as rest/relax/renew).
      Both divisions innervate the internal organs, smooth muscles, cardiac muscles, exocrine glands and metabolic cells. The sympathetic division also controls blood flow, sweat gland activity and hair follicles. The ANS partly mediates the regulation of immune and inflammatory responses within the gut, lungs and skin.
      The ANS divisions continually work together to maintain optimal function and create the most balanced operation of bodily systems. Normally, when one is more active then the other is less active, as in the control of blood pressure. If blood pressure suddenly rises, parasympathetic activity to the heart increases and sympathetic activity decreases. This slows the heart rate and brings the blood pressure back down. If blood pressure is low, sympathetic activity increases and parasympathetic activity decreases, which helps blood pressure rise.
      There are times when a division becomes chronically hyperactive (overactive) or hypoactive (underactive). The cause might stem from physical trauma, stressful experiences or biomechanical strain, to name a few. The effect is a body functioning in a non-optimal state, with its cells and systems excessively strained and overworked. The bodily stress can become enormous, leading to conditions ranging from mild chronic pain to devastating illness.
      All organs, vessels, glands, nerves and cells of the ANS and every other part of the body are wrapped in fascia. The craniosacral system (CSS) is a specialized container that envelops the fluid and tissues of the brain and spinal cord within three continuous and interrelated layers of fascia.
      The parasympathetic division also is referred to as the craniosacral division of the ANS because its motor cells originate in the brain stem and sacral portion of the spinal cord. The vagus nerves (there are two) are the primary parasympathetic nerves. Their route to the viscera begins in the brainstem. They exit the cranium by passing through the jugular foramina (two openings at the base of the skull) and traveling to the organs. Abnormal fascial strain may exist anywhere along the route of the vagus nerves, affecting the brain stem and spinal cord and resulting in altered structure and compromised function of the tissue with which it communicates.
      CST techniques are used to locate and reduce adverse strain of the fascia. As the fascia returns to normal patterning and motion, neurological strain can subside and diminish the adverse strain on the smooth muscles, heart muscle, glands, blood vessels and organs. In response, the sensory input from the viscera to the nervous system can greatly improve.
      Enhancing the mobility and balance of the CSS, also can increase the efficiency by which cerebrospinal fluid cleanses irritating elements from the brain and spinal cord tissue while delivering nutrients to the cells. These changes can help correct and improve the function of the ANS, which can significantly increase health and vitality.
      Common causes of strain on the sympathetic division are stress, chronic illness or infection, scar tissue, traumatic impact and anxiety. Another is experiencing a highly stressful situation that the body is unable to process adequately. Sympathetic division strain can lead to dysfunction of central processing areas of the ANS (within the brain and spinal cord), particularly portions of the limbic system (emotional and memory processing area), the hypothalamus (internal regulatory area) and the reticular alarm system (vital function area). A chronic internal state of fight, flight or freeze can occur, causing relentless challenges leading to dysfunction and illness.
      CST can help correct ANS dysfunction by reducing adverse biomechanical forces that are straining the harmonious movement of body fluid and tissues. For example, strain of the dural tube (the CSS membrane layers surrounding the spinal cord tissue) can cause sympathetic division cells to become irritated and overactive, leading to chaotic neurological communication and visceral dysfunction.
      Another example is abnormal strain on the muscles at the base of the cranium, which can strain the vagus nerves and compromise the body’s ability to regenerate and heal. A third example is when disruptive information embedded in the tissue causes flashbacks. The flashbacks usually occur in response to some form of sensory input that brings about a reaction in the compromised tissue and ANS. This causes certain cells to communicate in a way that unexpectedly triggers the recall of past events.
      CST, as well as a spontaneous therapeutic process called somatoemotional release, helps the body find tissue-movement patterns that can liberate and integrate disturbing cellular patterns to normalize neurological, vascular, biomechanical and biochemical processing. Since overall health is realized within the parameters set by the function of the organs and systems controlled by the ANS, increasing ANS function this way helps elevate the body to its optimal levels of vitality, well-being, balance, self-correction and harmony.
      Click here for previous articles by John Upledger, DO, OMM.
      Tad Wanveer, LMT, CST-D, is a certified instructor for The Upledger Institute, where he was a staff clinician for more than five years. He earned his diploma in massage therapy in 1987 from the Swedish Institute of Massage and Allied Health Sciences in New York City. He currently runs a private practice in North Carolina�s Raleigh-Durham area specializing in CranioSacral Therapy.

    • Dear Sheri,
      A method of ‘tapping ( with our hands/fingers) meridians (acupuncture points) called Thought Field Therapy has demonstrated to have a dramatic effect on helping balance the autonomic nervous system (sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system). This can easily be done at home, right away! for free and takes just a 2 or 3 minutes to do. I would definitely do this 3 to 4 times per day when facing any health challenge. My wife used meridian tapping a lot as part of her healing too. The free two page simple instructions are located here: http://tfttraumarelief.files.wordpress.com/2014/04/instructions-tft-trauma-relief-technique-0902.pdf

      More tomorrow,

    • Sheri,
      On the right side of this blog page you will see a link to my basic steps for healing MCS and EHS/ES. Here is a scaled down version that is the least expensive I can come up with for people to use but still comprehensive. They are all very important. This entire protocol would be a one-time cost of about $130 and a monthly cost of $90
      1) For balancing the ANS ( Autonomic Nervous System)use the free TFT Trauma instructions here: and do this 3 minute technique 3-4 times per day http://tfttraumarelief.files.wordpress.com/2014/04/instructions-tft-trauma-relief-technique-0902.pdf
      2) For improving flow of cerebrospinal fluid and the also help balance the ANS purchase a Still Point Inducer ( provides some of same benefits of CranioSacral Therapy) from http://www.upledger.com for about $40
      3) To help correct something called the Bowling Ball Syndrome and help the body out of fight or flight, use Bach’s Rescue Cream from health food store or online for about $12; apply to each side of the neck in a big circle with the center of the circle about half way between the bottom of the ear and the shoulder and the middle of the circle in line with the outer edge of the ear. Do this for about two weeks, it reflects back energy from a meridian point and the extra energy focused there helps resolve the bowling ball syndrome.
      4) For down regulating the NO/ONOO Cycle, and superior nutrition, use Oceans Alive Marine Phytoplankton, online for about $40 one month’s supply. Start with a few drops per day and work up to full recommended amount of 15 drops per day. Use Fisetin (a type of flavanol) also for down regulating the NO/ONOO cycle like Doctors Best Fisetin available online for about $15
      5) Purchase an Earthing Body Band set for about $40 from Earthing.com, use for short times to start out, about 30 min per day, and work up to 7-8 hours per day.
      6) Use Lugol’s Iodine Plus –Drops –from Mother Earth Labs about $22 for 2 month supply. Most who are sensitive to new things can start with a few drops and gradually work up over several weeks to full recommended daily amount on the bottle.
      7) To get Lymphatic System moving and draining better purchase a mini trampoline for about $35 a most department stores. Use 10 minute per day or so.
      8) Use pure water-no fluoride or chlorine. Bottled Reverse Osmosis is okay, not distilled. Cost about $20 month if purchased by the gallon.
      9) Avoid as much as possible exposure to toxic chemicals including everyday cleaners, colognes and perfumes, and EFS from wireless (turn it off –direct wire instead if internet is necessary), cell phones, all mobile devices, cordless phones, TV, cable boxes or satellite receivers, Have no electrical items within 4 or 5 feet of the bed at night.
      10) For energetic balancing a quick calming, use the Un-Switching Technique created by Deena Zalkind Spears that she offers free at: http://www.singing-woods.org/article_unswitch.pdf
      Best healing wishes,

      • Gary Patera’s book and his wife’s story have changed my life. Had it not been for the advice from “Healing Severe Chemical and EMF Sensitivity”, I am not sure where I would be today. Though, I am very conscious of my surroundings at all times, limiting exposure to cellphones and wireless, I think it is important to understand that what made me sick is something now being installed in everyone’s home; it is a “smart meter”. The utility companies are installing one or more in each home and business, we must be proactive and opt out of the program. It is imperative. The radiation is pulsed from these meters and will send a healthy body into chaos creating imbalance in the nervous system. All wireless creates imbalance, some of us are more sensitive and cannot handle the frequencies. For me CST and “tapping” helped so much, in fact, I owe my recovery to CST. Our bodies crave balance, so we must give it what it wants. It has taken me a year to recover from devastating symptoms of MCS and EMF, but I am recovering and living a pretty normal life, just diligently. Supplements are a crucial part of the healing, along with meditation, yoga, acupuncture and a pure, healthy diet, organic and green, with no sugar, no gluten and no alcohol. After your body gets back to some semblance then you can re-introduce, in small amounts. But I do believe that writing has been a very cathartic part of the recovery process, along with telling and sharing my story. I now have a purpose, my illness has created a bit of a warrior and now I feel the urgent desire to help others being made sick from “Smart Meters”. I would like to share my story one day, once I finish writing it. For now, it includes healing and recovery, the likes of which I didn’t think was possible, but know now that it is. Hope, faith, prayer and a good positive attitude. I hope everyone knows how and what to do if they find a smart meter in or on their home. GET IT OUT IMMEDIATELY! Susan

        • Dear Susan, we are humbled that our information helped so much and are so grateful you are doing so well. Thank you, thank you for reminding us about Smart Meters!! I had just updated my book and am quite embarrassed to admit that I did not address the issue of smart meters. I will add it as soon as possible. Thank you for your efforts to help make people aware of the health hazard they pose. You have taken difficult circumstances and transformed it into a path of serving others. Many Blessings and to your good health, Gary and Sue.

  2. Hi, Debbie from PA. I found you by typing in ” I can’t deal with MCS or EHS and longer, please help me ! Your’s was the first sight I clicked on. I am always researching, which my PC is my biggest enemy so I’m typing fast. I do feel somewhat hopeful reading your blog, I am so flat broke (have a SSI claim going) but I took notes and thats the thing, We need things that insurance won’t cover. But for now I’m doing what I can and trying to hold off, jumping off a bridge. Never in my life have I felt so desolate, discouraged,isolated. I hope I find you again. My brain does not function well and I’m seeing a neurologist soon (probably in vain) and SSI is sending me for Mental psch evail thursday,,ughhh….Love/prayers/blessings, body is heating up,,must go now quick !

    • Dear Debbie,
      We sure understand and you are not alone. Please don’t give up hope, others like you have been able to get better. If you can send your address to gapatera@gmail.com we can send you some information that can help, for free or very minimal cost. You will be in our thoughts and prayers. Gary and Sue

  3. Gary & Sue,

    I am from Illinois and had been to our library searching for books regarding EMF sensitivity. The third book that our librarian found for me was exactly what I had been hoping for which was “Healing Severe Chemical and EMF Sensitivity”. My daughter who is in her late 40’s and lives in Maine, started having all the exact same symptoms you had and this has been going on for several months and has been so severe. Middle of winter, she would sit outside while the furnace was running to make it warm enough inside, but then shut the heat off so she could come back in. We were then worried about her getting frostbite. Hasn’t talked on phone or been on computer for several months except for less then one minute to tell me “happy mother’s day” cause said it was bothering her ears. Some family members thought it was depression, but I didn’t and knew it had to be something more. For quite a few years, she has had a really difficult time with multiple chemical sensitivities, especially with throat swelling and has had to go to emergency room several times. This was even before she moved from Illinois to Maine and she has been out there for over ten years. She was vegetarian but for the last several years has been vegan. Our plans are to visit her for a few days in July, so I just ordered your book to give to her. I sure hope she reads it and I sure hope she can do at least some of the things you did if she can’t do everything, so she can try to lead a more normal life, something she has almost given up on. The house where she is living also has a smart meter outside which I thought might not be helping, but it seems like it’s about everything in the house affecting her and difficult for her to even take a ride in the car because of all the electric wires. Thanks so much for sharing your story. It has given me more hope for my daughter. I hope I will find her feeling at least a little better if we get out there to visit. Mary from Illinois

    • Dear Mary,
      Sorry to hear about your daughter.This is such challenging condition to have and it is so hard for most people to even believe it is real-but the medical world said Lupus was in the person’s head up until around the 1990’s. So glad our book was available at the library and has given reason to hope. There truly is hope and we know it can be healed. I am just about finished with a 2nd edition which mostly elaborates on the importance of certain things like the ANS, humic/fulvic based nutritional support, etc.
      Please refer to the post I added today about My basic steps for healing MCS and EHS. I my book, I listed what we felt were the ‘Essentials’so I would direct your daughter to that as well. A smart meter will certainly make it difficult for her to get better, so please check out smartgaurd.com. This is a unit made that just slips over the meter and looks like it really stops about all of the emfs and owner would probably have no objection. This could be a major factor to address so she does not get worse.
      I wanted to also mention that we hear of good success for some with a program called Dynamic Neural Retraining. It is available on DVD. It is not for everyone, but you sure may want to look it up and share with your daughter.

      Send our healing wishes to your daughter and please assure her it is very possible to get well!
      Gary & Sue

  4. Hi, it is seven months since the onset of EMF sensitivity took over my life. I had been dealing with MCS for the past three plus years, which was frustrating enough, but EMF was really blowing my mind. I am thankful that a started eating organically and detoxing from heavy metals, naturally, and having a very good immune system and good “gut” health, gave me the extra push to recovery. I am now in what I would call 90% remission from both EMF and MCS sensitivities. Thank God. With prayer and positive aligning of body, soul and mind, I conquered this bizarre onset of symptoms. By using ancient medicine, and therapies, meeting wonderful people with healing hands and compassionate hearts, all of whom helped me through various modalities: chiropractor for cranial sacral treatments, massage, Reikki, acupuncture, yoga, meditation, tapping, and the use of home systems to lower frequency along with omitting wifi and all wireless devices, limiting my cell phone to just check ins and using a device called a “still point” reducer (the best for 20 bucks), I am now able to tell people my story of healing. It had nothing to do with western medicine or allopathic treatments. NONE! Please understand that the mind has the ability to make well the body, but without spiritual intervention, nothing can be accomplished! Be well, eat well, get well. It can happen for everyone. S.B.

  5. Hi all and thank you so much Gary and Sue, Gary for being the most amazing husband and Sue for sharing your story of healing. Sometimes this disorder can be so misunderstood. And like-minded people must come forward and share stories of healing and miracles through people who care and possess a loving, giving and kind nature for the benefit and well-being of others who suffer. After finishing the book, I made an appointment with a chiropractor, and after the first treatment, felt a huge relief immediately. I already was eating organic and taking supplements and detoxed, so the cranialsacral work was the cure for me. Thank you so much. I can’t believe how great I feel. I have my life back thanks to you and Dr. Sherr..

    • Dear Susan,

      You are so very welcome! We are so full of joy to hear of your success with healing. Sharing your story is so helpful to keep us inspired to help alleviate the suffering of so many in any way we can. As you say it is so misunderstood and makes the challenge much more difficult to endure and overcome. Just knowing there is real hope for a cure is powerful and every story like yours strengthens that effort.
      It would be helpful for us to share your story in other formats such as on our Facebook page or in my upcoming book revision. If you would be willing to do so, without using your full name if you wish, you can send something to this email address: gapatera@gmail.com.
      There may also be opportunities in the near future to be a part of an interview on a radio or TV show about MCS and EMF sensitivity and we would contact you to see if you are interested.
      Our hearts go out to you for what you had to endure. We do all need to help others learn there is a way out and keep offering the compassion and support until they are well again. The need is almost overwhelming but we are determined to make a significant difference and will keep moving forward with hoe. Loving regards, Gary and Sue

    • Dear Susan,

      You are so very welcome! We are so full of joy to hear of your success with healing. Often there are one or more weak links that prevent usu from fully healing. It sounds like the Craniosacral addressed these for you. I often share that healing is similar to baking something and how leaving out a few key ingredients from the recipe, such as that small amount of baking powder will dramatically impact the outcome. We need to address all systems adequately and any one might hold back our healing.

      Sharing your story is so helpful to keep us inspired to help alleviate the suffering of so many in any way we can. As you say it is so misunderstood and makes the challenge much more difficult to endure and overcome. Just knowing there is real hope for a cure is powerful and every story like yours strengthens that effort. Were you dealing with MCS or EMF sensitivity?

      It would be helpful for us to share your story in other formats such as on our Facebook page or in my upcoming book revision. If you would be willing to do so, without using your full name if you wish, you can send something to this email address: gapatera@gmail.com. There may also be opportunities in the near future to be a part of an interview on a radio or TV show about MCS and EMF sensitivity and we would contact you to see if you are interested.

      Our hearts go out to you for what you had to endure. We do all need to help others learn there is a way out and keep offering the compassion and support until they are well again. The need is almost overwhelming but we are determined to make a significant difference and will keep moving forward with hope and confidence.

      Susan, for ongoing health, I would encourage you to consider incorporating either Comprehensive Wellness or phBalancer from Mother Earth Labs [ motherearthlabs.com]. We just learned from several very reliable sources about the benefits of humic/fulvic acid ( don’t worry -it is actually very alkalizing) and one of these products will become our primary nutritional supplement. You will see why when you review the information. I’m sure in a few years almost everyone involved in holistic health will be promoting it’s use. :o)

      Stay in touch if you can and best wishes with your continued health!

      Loving regards,

      Gary and Sue

  6. Hi Gary, hi Sue!
    I got your book, read it and there is a hope! Wow. I shared the finding with my doctor (who happend to be EMF sensitive as well). I am scheduled for my first craniosacral therapy next week and I am also planning to get dr. Pall´s supplement kit asap and the wrist band. This is all so promising and I am very grateful for finding you. I will keep you posted. Blessings, Erna

    • Hi Elsora ~ sorry to hear of the stroke and the EMF troubles. I agree with Gary and Sue -be grounded and believe that you can heal. I would also suggest trying finding a Reiki Master (completed Reiki III level). It is energy healing and you don’t have to do anything, except relax and be willing to receive healing. Also, the craniosacral massage is great too, I love it. Best wishes to you!

    • Hi Erna,
      It is so wonderful to hear that you have regained hope. I have no doubt you can get well! Our spirits rejoice in your discovery of a path for healing and your motivation to take action. While you may notice some things getting better soon, deep healing may take a bit of time, so patience and persistance will serve you well. Trusting in the path long enough to let it turn things around, being observant of any and all small steps forward. After a month or two the healing may well speed up. We would love it if you could keep us posted. Our prayers will be with you. GaryP and Sue P
      P.S. Sue Wang mentions Reiki, a wonderful and powerful adjunct for consideration. We are energetic beings and it is direct energy healing. (Thanks Sue W) I think you will know what you need most for now. Contact me anytime. Blessings on your healing journey! I may be posting like a visitor-forgot how else to do this!)

  7. I am so happy to find this site. I am currently dealing with EMF for the past 6 months as a result of a brain stem stroke. I am doing much much better than when its started, I was in my bedroom for weeks blindfolded and could not tolerate any electricity at all. Also, it took me a while to understand what was going on with me. I thought it was a crazy light sensitivity of some sort. It has been an intense inside job to produce healing. I still have a long way to go. I am very excited to read your book.

    • Dear Elsora,

      I’m so sorry to hear about your stroke. What a long road to healing you have traveled these past 6 months. There is so much I would like to share with you, but feel compelled to reduce your time on the computer as it is a huge source of EMF unless you are not using wireless. Please believe that you can get totally well from EMF sensitivity; however, continue to protect yourself from EMF exposure at this time; the book will guide you through step by step and it is the safest way to relay the information. If you must be on the computer (can understand this for research purposes…how would you have found us???!!!!), please consider getting the Earthing wristband available at earthing.com to protect yourself. You are in my prayers, Elsora…you can heal from this – look how far you have come already! With heartfelt caring and support, Sue

      Hi Elsora,
      You will find a wealth of helpful information in the book – ways to mitigate EMF exposure until you get well, and ways to heal from this. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns you may have -hopefully when you do reach out you will be wearing the Earthing wrist band for protection from the EMF coming from the computer and monitor. At this stage in your healing, minimizing exposure to EMF will help a great deal since exposure almost always worsens (for right now). Remember to not have wireless on whenever possible, do not have a cordless phone by the bed, and minimize cellphone use (keeping it turned off as much as possible). These are the big things that will help you immediately. Take care! Gary

  8. Hi Sue, Thanks for you kind and supportive words, and I am so happy to hear that you are sharing your success and ways to help those with what can become a very debilitating condition. Bless you! The mind/body connection is so very powerful and can be such an effective healing tool.
    Yes, EMF Sensitivity is another name for EHS (Electro-Hypersensitivity). My wife had this to an extreme degree and we are grateful each and every day for her complete healing. I sure hope you look at my book as it covers the essential ways we used to heal her condition in a very short time. Try the Amazon site where you can use the “Look Inside” feature to get a better idea.

    TIP FOR TODAY: We felt that immediate EMF mitigation was essential to heal EMF Sensitivity. We used (and still use for general health) the Home EMF Protection System from Earth Calm. We also feel it is essential make sure no cell or cordless phone are on near the bed at night, and eliminate any wireless device.

    Keep me posted when you have your memoir so we can read it.

    Warm regards,

    • Gary -So happy to connect and have the goodwill to support each other. that’s a reminder to remove wireless/cellphone from the bedroom. We adults do it, but not our teenager. Hmm. Time to re-organize.

    • As part of a regimen of healing, I too incorporated, the EMF home protection system and felt immediate relief. One of our tv’s is extremely dangerous as it uses a transformer to exchange low to high voltage. I cannot sleep in the bedroom with it and it will be out the door soon. For now the cranial sacral, detoxing, supplements and I bought “The Touch Point Reducer” which is a must for everyone, not just MCS sufferers. I also do the grounding, laying on the earth for 20 to 30 minutes, all organic food and clear liquids, protein smoothies as well as juicing. I am amazed at the difference in two shorts weeks. Yay!

  9. Congratulations Gary, on pubbing the book; also on finding a cure for MCS and EHS. I know someone who is very affected by EMF -is that the same?

    I am writing a memoir on healing from chemical sensitivity via the mind-body-spirit connection. I have also started a website/FB page/Twitter to help get wellness info out there. Glad to have found your blog -I love the green. Look forward to hearing tips and will share them. Will look into the book too.


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